imagine your otp doing cutesy romantic gestures like eskimo kisses, butterfly kisses, playing with his/her hair, etc.

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To Anyone Who Opposes Gay Marriage

I’m gonna play you a scenario here:

John and Jane want to get married. They are happy and seem pleasant to be around, but most people don’t like them. The reasons they don’t like John and Jane are unknown. It doesn’t appear that they have done anything but live their lives, but the people around John and Jane get the government to deny them their right to marry, simply because they don’t like them/don’t support their lifestyle.

You ignorant straight people would be like “Why can’t they get married? Not liking someone isn’t a reason to deny them marriage!” Now I want you to answer this question: What makes taking marriage away from a straight couple any different than taking it away from a gay couple? And don’t bring that bible bullshit into this. Imagine that there is no sacred book telling you that polygamy is ok and those who eat pigs shall burn in hell, and give me a solid answer.


awkward school musical stories

we had to pick partners to dance with in the final number. there were 2 guys, one to my left and one to my right (i thought maybe one of them was gay). they both kinda raced toward me and the one on the right got there first and grabbed my hand. that’s not even the awkward part, he wouldn’t let go. so i kinda just stood there holding his hand, not knowing if i should let go or not cuz this was the first time a boy ever held my hand. this went on for at least 5 mins. that was probably the most awkard situation of my life so far…

my shocking revelation of how my relationship with my friends works

  • *when Paul Walker died*
  • Friends: I can't believe Paul Walker is dead
  • Me: Who's Paul Walker?
  • Friends: Oh, he's just some actor
  • *when the time comes for Angela Lansbury*
  • Me: *in between sobs* Why is Angela Lasbury dead?!! WHY GOD WHY?!?!?!
  • Friends: Who's Angela Lansbury?
  • Me: Only one of the greatest people to have ever walked the earth! God! Don't you guys know anything?!?!? *runs off to find better friends and realizes that isn't possible and dies alone*